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Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Here you will find all of our Social, Emotional and Mental Health courses. 
You can view upcoming courses on the calendar and further information about them on the relevant section below. Please note that some courses will not show on the calendar as they are bespoke training programmes, adapted to the availability of your school. 
If you cannot find a specific course or strand of training, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Upcoming Courses

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

The ELSA programme is an evidence informed, nationally recognized approach to supporting children and young people with social and emotional needs. Once trained by our highly experienced EP’s, ELSAs can become an integral part of your school’s approach to supporting these vulnerable pupils.

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Leading a Mentally Healthy School (LAMHS) enables and empowers senior leaders to put mental health at the heart of strategic school improvement. LAMHS will equip senior leaders with practical and sustainable approaches that can be implemented on return to school.

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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an internationally recognised training course, designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis.

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Emotion Coaching

We have now launched an online, on-demand training course on Emotion Coaching – follow the link below for further details.  

We are aiming to increase the range of training available via this format over the coming weeks and months.

If your school already buys our service, please use the code FiM25 to get access to this training course for just £25. This means ALL your staff can access this training, as many times as they like for the next year.

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Resilience is critical for leaders and teachers, particularly in times of change. It is the process of negotiating, managing and adpating to significant sources of stress or trauma. The course will cover the five key capabilities necessary for resilience.

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Restorative Practice

Restorative practice is a way of working with conflict that puts the focus on repairing the harm that has been done. It is
an approach to conflict resolution that includes all of the parties involved.

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Promoting Connection and Contentment

This half day or twilight training for nursery, primary and special school teachers, builds attachment in the classroom and a more therapeutically minded school.

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Behaviour and Engagement

Within this session you will explore how we communicate with students in a crisis, behaviour as a communication, building relationships to support connectivity and including engagement with a wider network.

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Team Teach

Team Teach is a holistic approach to managing challenging behaviour. It is recognised across the UK and around the world as it offers the correct balance in reducing risk, restraint and restriction within a clear ethical framework.

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An Approach to Play Therapy

This session will give teachers and support staff an insight into what play therapy involves and the benefits of using it. It will provide tools and strategies that can be used to support those children who are experiencing social and emotional challenges.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

The ACEs training is an introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences and their effect on children’s ability to engage in the classroom. Candidates will understand how ACEs affect a child’s ability to learn and regulate their emotions.

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Zippy’s Friends

Zippy’s Friends for Pupils with Special Needs is a Mental Health Programme proven to help children develop coping and social skills. It is a story-based programme that covers feelings, communication, friendship, conflict, change and moving on.

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This course is designed to enable leaders to develop their own mental wellbeing strategic plan & ensure that key decisions are implemented to support all employees.

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